Friday, April 6, 2012

Sumatra trippin'

Today I will tell you something about our little Sumatra trippin’ we did few months ago so sit back and relax.

We started the trip from Padang which is a capital city of West Sumatra and we live around 1h away. We flew from Padang to Medan which is in North Sumatra. The point of this trip was to go to Bukit Lawang which is one of the last places on Earth where orangutans live in wild nature and then from there we went to Lake Toba which is one of the biggest and deepest crater lakes on Earth. And both of these places are near from Medan. So we went to Medan one day before we were supposed to meet our friends there.

One day before this trip I found one guy on couchsurfing and he told me that we can stay with him for that one night. So we arrived to Medan and took a really expensive taxi from the airport to the nearest shopping mall because it was the only name of something in Medan we knew. After few hours of waiting we met with this guy and went to his place. Little room somewhere in the middle of Medan but very nice. He did speak English and was an agnostic what is very rare in Sumatra hehe. Very cool guy. There was only one big mattress in the room but big enough for three people. So we were talking the whole evening about shit and then few minutes before we went to sleep he told us that he is George Michael. Another shock for us because homosexuality is really repressed in Indonesia. We are not homophobic but telling us few minutes before we went to sleep on one mattress that he likes bananas more than peaches is a little bit weird. He didn’t try anything during the night so both of us woke up in the morning without any trauma after ass rape.

the Great Mosque in Medan
Ok long story short, the next day our Slovakian friends came. One guy and one girl from Bali, another girl from Jogjakarta in Java and one girl who came to visit us from Slovakia. We were staying one more night in Medan so we found cheap hostel but for that price it was veeeery nice. Quick shower and lets go for beers. Wuhuuu. But there are not many places in Medan to drink because it’s very close to Aceh which is one of the most Islamic parts of the world. It took us some time to find a place with beers but we were successful.

Then after few beers we decided that we should go to Bukit Lawang early in the morning to be there soon. We arranged a car with a driver for the morning to take us there. We talked about the price before the drive but after we arrived to Bukit Lawang the driver thought that he could make some more money from us so he kept following us everywhere when we were looking for accommodation. I don’t like to admit it but that’s very Indonesian. They try to make as much money as they can of foreigners. Even if we say that we are poor student who study here thanks to Indonesian government and their money.

And I will write about Bukit Lawang tomorrow so you don’t have to read a lot at once. How nice am I to you ha?


  1. Wow I wish I were in a travel like you!

    1. Me too!!/MemeDoctor