Sunday, March 18, 2012


So let me continue with our intense story.

So after like 3 hours of waiting they put us into 4 minivans and because there were many of us they had to take our luggage in a separate pickup like truck, covering the luggage with a blanket. After that an hour trip to a hotel through crazy streets of Jakarta and no matter how excited the thing was after over 5 hours of waiting on the airport we all fell asleep. When we arrived to the hotel everything seemed fine, hotel looked nice from the outside and everything seemed to go smoothly. So we took of the minivans and waited for the damn pickup with our stuff. But the fucker wouldn’t come so without our stuff we went to check our rooms. Like I said it looked all right from outside. There were 24 beds in our room, one fucked up ventilator which was spreading the syphilis from the 50 year old, homemade air conditioner. Adding to that from these 24 beds 18 were taken by Chinese guys who had no intention to react to the very loud ‘Hello!’ from our filthy mouths.

So we said bye to long awaited rest and went to get something to eat. Food was good but the woman working there was so confused and messed up so many things that I think I got something for free. Gregi with another friend went with their laptops to the wifi zone and I went to Slovak crew for some alcohol which wasn’t such a great idea in the 99% humidity and 35 degrees heat. It just made me hotter.

Sleep was unexpectedly good, except when around 2 am another bus came with more Chinese students and they took them right into our room which was already full. So they slept on the ground. When I woke up around 3 am it looked like a chinese work-camp. Pure awesomeness.

The next day we were supposed to change hotels so after breakfast buses picked us up and moved us once again to a new place. I sat next to an Uzbek girl with amazingly hairy legs. Hotel was good, this time from inside as well; the only problem was that there were three people in each room. But the rooms were for two people only so three guys had to share a twin bed. So we took turns on who should sleep in the middle.
Because there was nothing for us to do the first day, we decided to walk around Jakarta a bit.
2 mistakes-> 1. We actually walked   and 2. We thought Jakarta is pretty and you can see something nice in there.
But when after 10 minutes of walking I had literally black face from the exhausts I finally understand why they wear those things on their faces. We finally found some kind of shopping center in which there was supposed to be nice fountain or whatever and right next to it there was a big store. So we went to buy water in the store, some beers as well for the evening in the hotel and something little to eat. I was the only one with a backpack so I had to take all the beers myself. FML. We saw an awesome sexist “ladies parking only” sign as well.
 On the way back we went to these little streets which were way more attractive than the main street full of bikes and cars. It wasn’t pretty but it was really authentic. You could see the poverty, you could see the way of living of these people and I think it was the highlight of our Jakarta walk.

Back in the hotel just some beers, and monkeys on animal planet.
On the second day there was program for us from the morning till late in the evening. We haven’t slept much though so after we listened to some old creepy woman talking about sex in Indonesia I went back to the room and slept. Then went for the lunch and back to sleep again. In the evening some guys from Slovakia had an idea to hit the town, have some European fun and with my 4 liters of hard alcohol in my luggage it was an obvious choice. So with Jameson in one hand and Bintang in the other one we walked around Jakarta finding a spot where we can have some Indonesian fun. We found a reggae bar in which we stayed until 5 am. Pretty drunk really.

The weirdest part of it all was that we actually woke up at 17:30 the next day. Like a damn boss. The opening ceremony was about to start and we haven’t eaten anything yet so we ran to the first warung we found and ate something, then put on some nice clothes and opening ceremony here we come. I was still pretty drunk so while everybody was dead serious and afraid of what is going to happen this year, I danced in the corner of that huge room. We met with these other students who were going to Padang Panjang as well and our coordinator told us that our flight is at 8 am next morning. After 75 minute flight we arrived to Padang.

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