Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lets shoot some west Sumatran asses!

So we went to Sawahlunto this weekend for a local paintball tournament. We applied a month ago and were very very excited about it. Mostly because it was something to do and the frustration from local people here was growing fast. So we bought some clothes and prepared ourselves for the tournament.

The problem was that we reaaally underestimated the whole thing. The winning team would get $1000 and that’s pretty nice money for us, foreigners. Imagine what it is for locals when they earn $120 a month. So yeah we went there, our team average age 22, full of enthusiasm and happy we could get out of PingPong for a while.

There were 11 teams including us. 3 teams were policeman, 1 team were hunters, 1 team were professional shooters from Sawahlunto and 3 teams were people working in the paintball park. I have never played paintball before and these people were either working with guns or working in the freaking place where the tournament was held.
Long story short, we won one game and lost two games not winning $1000. But apart of that it was a very fun weekend and it was worth going.

This is just a little entry from the weekend. More from Indonesian adventures coming.

keep posted J


  1. Nice paintball can be very challenging yet fun.

  2. You should get a twitter to promote this.

    My college had a paintball tournament this year. My team placed 2nd. I surrounded myself with a bunch of stealthy Asians. Team of army guys got us though.

  3. Hey man followed and yeah my bro was big on paintball for a while it was quite pricy though.

  4. Damn, I don't want to know how hard a paintball hits.

  5. Thats whats up. Paintball is the shit.

  6. Cool idea for a blog, following!

  7. I never played paintball ;_;