Monday, March 19, 2012

Padang Panjang Ultimate Survival

So the flight was all right, flight attendants were ugly, stewards were homosexual, space for legs was small and I woke up with open mouth with drool all over my shirt. Low cost classic.

Airport in Padang was nice, clean and built in their Padang style with gorgeous roofs. No problems with the luggage fortunately and mini bus was already waiting for us to get us to Padang Panjang. Bus was old and not very nice looking and we weren’t very excited about going in but we didn’t know that it was actually above standard for this place. Smoke some cigarettes, take some pictures and look around the way  to god forgotten town between three volcanoes. I have to admit that the way to p. panjang was beautiful and I was impressed. All the houses, everything was green and it was very exotic looking. Weather was perfect, sun was shining, little bit hotter than we are used to but that was expected and all in all after Jakarta it was a very pleasant experience.
We stopped on the way to eat something in a local warung (restaurant like thing). Fuck me it was funny as hell. We just came not knowing what’s the padang cousine like and they just started to bring food. More and more food until the table in front of us was full of little plates with all kinds of meat and veggies. Everything looked like it was made three days ago, which we learnt later was most probable. Afraid to eat it we ended up eating only rice with chilli what we thought is the safest thing to eat. The real funny thing was that the girls working in that warung started to take pictures of us immediately. It was crazy, they didn’t care one bit that we were eating they just took out their phones and started to take picture of all of us without one freaking bit of respect. It was like we are some kind of stars eating in their place though it didn’t feel very nice. Very intense.
After the meal we continued our journey to p. panjang. I fell asleep out of fucking nowhere and baaaaam woke up in the middle of a rain forest circling the small road we were on. Monkeys on the trees jumping all over the place and everything was really brutal. I just told gregi that fuck Bali we are in a better place. But we weren’t in p.panjang yet. When we finally arrived it seemed all right. The weather was cloudy and it was raining a bit but I just thought it’s bad luck. Typical padang architecture everywhere and everything seemed quite nice. I was expecting one main street and that’s it. It wasn’t like that, it seemed pretty big. I don’t know if my judgment is not okay because I miss judged the Jakarta hotel as well. Our coordinator took our passports for some paperwork and since we didn’t have a place to sleep yet they said we can stay in campus. So they took us there and when the bus stopped in front of this little house I prayed like fuck it won’t be the place we sleep in. It was.

Inside there was kitchen, living room and 4 bedrooms. Guys from Madagascar didn’t want to split so they took the mattresses and slept in the living room together. We took room with two beds. One better than the other and I with 190 cm had massive troubles in that 150cm bed. Because I’m a midget Indonesian. I was practically sleeping on wood since the mattress was paper like and geckos were fucking everywhere. Not that I don’t like geckos, I really do but I don’t like them shitting on me while sleeping.

So mildly depressed we wanted to look around the city and so we did. The problem happened when we wanted to leave the campus and security told us that we can’t because we don’t have our passports. Paranoia started to work instantly and we were just what the fucking for a moment. We told him that they were the ones who took our passports and we have nothing to eat. So they finally let us have food somewhere and going back from the walk the depression from the place just grew. So I took out 0,7l jameson and knew exactly what we have to do. Bottle was finished in 15 minutes.

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